Mission & Vision

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Registration number:  253-816 NPO

    1. The Andrew Murray Family Association (AMFA) was inspired by the life and works of Rev Andrew Murray of Graaff Reinet and his family. Likewise, the idea, notion and creation of the Andrew Murray Foundation (AMF), to help others in their time of need and to assist them to get back on their feet, was inspired as a contribution to the community.
    2. The Foundation was also inspired by the Murray Family’s strong spiritual and religious heritage, who undertook extensive social work and e.g., founded various educational institutions for the public at large.
    3. The Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) existing for the benefit of its members. The Foundation may not give any of its money or property to its members or office bearers except as reasonable compensation for service rendered.
    1. The Foundation is a public, Non-Profit Organisation (with main and ancillary objectives as described below) that does not exist for the gain, self-interest or profit of its members and officers but to promote the public interest objectives as described hereunder.
    2. Main objective
      The Foundation’s main objective is to promote the Murray Family’s spiritual and religious heritage by partaking in or promoting evangelic missionary outreach, social work, educational and skills development for any of its members or any members of any other community.
    3. Ancillary objectives (to give effect to the main objective) are:
      1. To procure donations to donate necessities, including but not limited to any type of food, clothes, blankets and toiletries to people in need.
      2. To organise educational and/or skills development and/or training and/or social up-liftment and/or any other development programs and/or workshops, for example study groups, cooking and sewing classes etc.
      3. To sustain bursaries for students that are needy on all levels of education.
      4. To procure monetary donations to purchase food and/or other basic necessities to donate to people in need.
      5. To procure physical products (necessities as described above), to keep it in a safe place and to donate it to people in need.
      6. To organise any type of fundraiser, to procure monetary or other donations.
      7. To organise any outreach activities.

The Directors
Andrew Murray Foundation